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5 Reasons to Hire a Day of Coordinator

Kylie Hubbard

         Your big day is rapidly approaching and the buzz and excitement is all around, but you just can't wrap your head around how you will get everything done on time and who is going to be responsible for what on your wedding day.  The last thing you want on your wedding day is to stress more than you already will be with the emotions of getting married. My answer to this? Hire a day of planner.  Ladies such as myself love to take on those tedious tasks that you are stressing out about. Here are my top five reason for you to hire a day of planner if you haven't already done so! 

1. They will get you organized.

We have it under control. At our initial meeting we will break down the timeline for a smooth day, go over all of your vendor information to be sure no one gets left behind and they know where they need to be, and when they need to be there. We work diligently and efficiently to ensure that you, your gang, and your family know what the vendors will be up to, without you actually having to be there supervising to be sure that everything will be on time and in place. 

2. They will set up and take down for you.

One of the main things I hear after the wedding are my brides who tell me how nice it was to just walk into their ceremony and reception spaces and see their hard work put together. Also how great it was to leave not having to worry about cleaning up.  This is your one big day. Why spend it setting up and cleaning up when you could be getting pampered and making memories? We will take care of all of the vendor drop offs, set ups, and ensure that what you paid for is what you are getting from each of those vendors. We will take down everything for you after your guests head home and pack it in designated vehicles so you can come back from your honeymoon stress free that all of your gifts got to your parents house and the cake stand got back to the baker.

3. They will trouble shoot for you.

Weddings have a lot of detail and a lot of different people that we count on to do their part. Something is bound to happen that you did not plan on. A centerpiece is missing, a guest that didn't have a plus one brought a date,  The bartender went missing. Something small or something big, either way we will handle it. We do our best to ensure that you are aware of the things you need to know, and quickly fix the little issues that are sure to come about.

4. Diffuse conflict

Weddings are a happy time that brings everyone together, but there is always the chance of a family feud, dulling friends, or a friendly heated debate when everyone is loose and the champagne is flowing. Your aunt Margie just can't stand her sister in law Sue? We will diffuse the situation quickly and creatively to ensure your guests all have a fabulous time.

5. We can direct the flow.

You have planned this day for a year and you have dreamed of how it will go. When it comes down to the flow of your day we've got this covered. The MC might decide it's time to cut the cake, when you haven't even had a chance to have a bite of dinner. With one central person in the know, that vendors can trust to let them know when things need to happen, you are sure to have the flow that you created, not the flow of the people around you. We will keep track and make suggestions to you as the night changes.


There are twenty more reasons on the top of my head why you should hire at least a day of wedding coordinator, but these are my top five.  If you are worried about the logistics of the day and you are stressing out, give us a call to book!